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Youth and Adult Leadership

Youth Leaders

Michael Coley
VP of Admin:
Samantha Sheahan
VP of Program:
VP of Comm.:
VP - Finance:
Abby Pitman
Crew Guide:

Adult Leaders

Crew Advisor : Jill Sheahan
(317) 345-0726

Committee Chair : Brian Sheahan
(317) 418-6753

Location & Time

We meet in Avon, Indiana, just west of the AJAA fields at 625E and 100S, across from the Grace Fellowship Church.

Crew Meetings 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 3:30pm - 5:00pm.

Google Maps and GPS coordinates 39.748312,-86.41714

Scout Hut History

Our Scout Hut was originally the veterinary hospital at Fort Harrison. Around 1963 the scout parents learned of an auction to be held at Ft Harrison to sell off the WWII buildings. Four of our dads went to the base to inquire about the sale. When the commandant learned this was for a scout troop, he declared an immediate auction, asked the dads how much they had in their pockets. The reply was a collective $ 15.00. The commandant declared "Sold for $15.00".

The troop then had to arrange transport via flat bed semis across Indianapolis. The total cost of the move was about $ 1,000. This raised the stop lights and telephone wires, and paid for the trucks. The building was chain-sawed in two, loaded on the trucks and driven across town.

The land is also a donation to the youth of Avon. If we ever abandon the site we are required to donate it to another youth organization. The well out front is artesian. It will pump on its own but not enough pressure to get water up into the building.

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